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FAQ's & Info


Do you prescribe medications?

-No. We discuss possible herbal remedies for any concerns

What if I feel its not working?

--It usually takes a couple weeks to see/feel any changes. Changes are usually subtle.


Late fee?

-You will need to reschedule if you will be 10+ min late. No call no show is a $30 fee to be paid by next session. You can do a quickpay on the site or an invoice will be sent to you.

Are subscriptions or packages available?

-For some a subscription keeps them accountable of the changes and goal progress to be made. No packages available. 


How long are sessions?

-Approximately 45min

What is needed?

-You are open to use any tool to help with comfort during session; Blanket, bolster, Strap, Blocks/canes, chair, etc

Is it painful?

-Discomfort is normal, Pain is not. We stop and assess the pain when it occurs in session

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