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Body ​Connection

Yoga, more than stretching

My yoga teachings consisted of the history, ancient philosophy, and anatomy safety. My 200hr yoga certification is from YogaWithDavina.

Yoga is not about being flexible or able to do inversions. It's more of a moving meditation, a time for yourself to get to know your mind & body. Flexibility and strength will come in time.

Yoga sessions are tailored to each individual. We can focus on a particular emotion, body part, pace, type of flow, which is all up to YOU.

The practice of Yoga can even be done off the mat, the asana poses only make up an 1/8th of what yoga entails.

ALL 8:

~Self control

~Self regulation

~Poses as exercise


~Controlled senses





Started my formal studies in herbal medicine 2022 at Campbell Univ. with Botanical & Holistic medicine, then transferred to American College of Healthcare Sciences to finish my Herbal Medicine certification.

Basic plants we use or see can be medicine for something in our lives. There is usually a plant that can substitute a modern medicine. Most modern medications are made to replicate what a plant can do for us. For some medications an herbal add on can make a difference in how well the pharmaceuticals performs as well as deal with the possible side effects it brings.

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